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Our team of ghost writers and editorial staff undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure we deliver par excellence.


At Ghostwriting Services, our expertise lies in non-fiction content that is meticulously crafted to engage your readers. We cover a variety of aspects including lifestyle, finance, business, sports, and more. Our ghostwriting services are a class apart.


With our fiction writing, we aspire to inspire! Our ghostwriter will allure your realms of imagination and translate your vision into reality with our creative ideology. In addition, we believe in delivering quality content that articulates the author’s authentic approach to fiction.


Our ghostwriters have documented some of the finest biographies that genuinely depict the experience and journey of the author. We take pride in our dedicated team that strives to collect all relevant data and then translate it to reflect the author best. Our virtue is to curate biographies that are precise, encouraging and alluring.


Ghostwriting Services believes in imparting knowledge. Our high quality and professional services present information in an exact manner that is easy to read and engage the reader. Before beginning any project, our experienced ghostwriters do in-depth research on trends, intended audience, and history to ensure maximum engagement.


We work closely with clients to design their autobiographies. Our writers will understand your narrative and document your stories in a manner that creates the buzz. We believe in the voice of every individual writing their autobiographies in an impactful way.


Writing a memoir can be challenging, and this is where Ghostwriting Services can help. Our team will write the story based on concrete facts, figures, and anecdotes provided by you.

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Ghostwriting Services Boasts 100+ Published Books

Over the years, we have worked with several authors and helped them publish books. So whether you are a new author, CEO, established businessman, public speaker, coach, or individual looking to increase their online presence and build credibility – you have landed at the right place!

We at Ghostwriting Services help you build your online presence, increase brand awareness, build client relations, and generate more business and sales. So how do we do it? Our team of ghostwriters can draft flawless books and pieces in non-fiction, fiction, autobiography, memoir, novel, biography, and informative content space, depending on your requirements. So get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Get Ready to publish everywhere.

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What Sets Ghostwriting Services Apart From Others?

Writing a book or managing your online content marketing plan is easier said than done! However, at Ghostwriting Services, we have several years of experience under our belts. It has allowed us to understand the market dynamics as well as clientele requirements.

Our team works closely with each client to ensure 100% satisfaction. From visualizing your idea and turning it into stories, we help you from the start to the final phase. Affordable pricing to meet individual authors needs, our goal is to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Learn how our services can help you take your name or business to the next level. We transform your vision and dream into reality! We transform your vision and plan into reality! Learn how our services can help you take your story to the next level.

Why Ghostwriting Services?

In a short period, Ghostwriting.Services have become one of the leading names in the industry, with more than 100+ completed projects in the ghostwriting space. Our flawless and inspiring services are designed to ensure we cater to your requirements within a reasonable budget. Here is why Ghostwriting Services is the #1 choice of book authors

Experienced Ghostwriters:

Our team consists of more than 100+ ghost writing and editorial staff working tireless to deliver a worthy final product. Every piece of content we draft results from rigorous research and undergoes stringent quality checks leaving no room for error.

24/7 Customer Support:

You are assigned a dedicated account manager to handle your project when you choose to work with us. However, if you need support during off-time work hours – one of our friendly customer representatives will be available to assist you.

Unlimited Revisions:

That’s right! We believe our success lies in our client’s success, and for that, we are willing to go above and beyond. Ghostwriting Services takes pride in offering unlimited revisions on all orders to ensure customer satisfaction. Our writers and editors are open to feedback and criticism and will keep on making changes until you are satisfied.

100% Quality Assurance:

We deliver nothing but the best to our clients. At Ghostwriting Services, we understand you are putting in your trust and money, making it our responsibility to never compromise on quality. Our team works tirelessly to check all drafts and pieces before delivery.

Professional Ghostwriters Available At Your Service!

For us, every story deserves to be heard. Our ghostwriters are known for calibrating your thoughts to mere perfection. We understand that to achieve perfection; one needs to be hardworking and dedicated. Therefore, our team has been handpicked to deliver par excellence. To kickstart any project and translate a story effectively, appropriate information is needed, primarily the project brief.

Ghostwriting Services are focused on persuasively delivering your story. For us, quality content is our utmost priority.

Publishing on Amazon

Amazon publishing services helping authors, business people, CEOs, and high profiles to earn money through online platforms. We transform their ideas so they can receive valuable recognition and profit. We take pride in ourselves and offer a budget-friendly way to do that and offer you our amazon book publishing services. And can provide you with a more practical and profitable way of doing it. Whether you are a new or an established name in the book writing space, we are here to help you throughout the process and make things easy for you. Let us help you build your reputation and brand in the best possible way!

Book Marketing

We do not only do book writing, but our marketing experts also help promote your book to gain traction. Book marketing may sound easy to do on your own, but it is not in today’s cutthroat market!

New and upcoming authors are competing to get ranked higher to bring in more business and increase their sales. Therefore, unless you understand how to effectively market your book – it’s better to leave it to the PROS!

Our Ghostwriting Services are comprised of fascinating talent that offers high-quality advertising and book marketing services. Over the years, we have hustle hard and helped various traditional, self-published writers and publishers to sell their publications online. Our guidance is bona fide and proven from our portfolio of work.

We are not just limited to selling the work. Our procedure includes all the marketing tactics and strategies to promote the buyer's product. We help you in saving the excessive money that can go into vain through unstructured marketing. We follow the current trends and utilize SEO techniques to further promotion. We are a unit of masters who know how things are done with maximum profitability.

At Ghostwriting Services, we have discovered the secret strategy to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Get in touch today to learn more.

Book Cover Design

A well-written book also needs an aesthetically appealing design to catch the reader’s attention. When you are new in the market or trying to attract a customer base who have not previously purchased your book, an attractive book cover design can be a WINNER!

Ghostwriting Services is a leading name providing 360 solutions and services to help you conquer the book writing world. As we consider ourselves the all-rounder, we are here to help you with every aspect of book writing, from idea generation to storytelling, book cover design, and marketing. We believe that the visual appeal makes a lot of difference, and our team of talented artists and designers are trained to come up with the best option.

If your writing needs a revision or you plan to write a book, we have got it covered for you!

Book Video Trailer Creation

We like to push our boundaries, and for that, we are offering a book video trailer service. Our very own professional ghostwriter works with you to guide you towards making the best video trailer for your novel. This way, we take care of all marketing aspects of your new and upcoming book. Our team of designers and animators strive hard to create these covers, ensuring your book stands out among the competition. With these trailers for the book, we can guarantee you a maximum return with maximum benefits.

Book Author Website

When you have finally decided to become an author, why not aim for extra credibility and promotion by having your website? With Ghostwriting Services, you can now avail our book author website services. Our team of design and development experts work closely with you to create websites that promote your books and publications.

Ghostwriting Services has affordable website design and development packages for authors (no matter new or existing) to have their online presence. Since our inception, we have completed several author websites and have handled their marketing personally. With our website design and development services, you are bound to accomplish newer horizons of success.

We also extend our services to self-publishing authors looking to make a breakthrough in the market. With your idea and our visual skills, we help you make your next book successful!

Our Clients Reviews In Ghostwriting Services

What is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters provide their services to someone who requires a professional take on their content. They write a variety of nonfiction/fiction books, memoirs, and so on for others.

How much does a ghostwriter cost?

It primarily depends on the length of the project. Plus, some other factors like the writer's experience and how much work they are putting into your project.

Is ghostwriting legal?

Yes, ghostwriters are 100% legal, and they take zero credit and zero royalties for the content that they have written with full consent.

How to find a ghostwriter?

There is a need for research if you need excellent Ghostwriting Services. You must know what form of content you want. This way, it is easy for you to find the right person.

Can I Hire Someone to Write My Book?

Surely yes, but you need to find out the most reliable ghostwriting service. Our firm Ghostwriting.Services provide you with bestselling writers, proofreaders, and publishing insiders. Our team will lead you throughout each level of the ghostwriting procedure to ensure that your work is thoroughly composed, well-edited, and advertised. We believe in client satisfaction and does their work as it is our work.   more

Who Can Help to Write A Book?

Ghostwriting Services intend to help you reach your publishing objectives. From the primary outlining steps to proofreading it in the end, our professional book writers can be your dedicated ghostwriter, editor, proofreader and publisher. Our prestigious customer panel reflects our expertise and commitment to our writers. We can also help you with the best Ghostwriting Services at affordable rates. Ghostwriting Services incorporate everything you need to bring your thoughts and opinions within a well-written book.   more

How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge Per Word?

Ghostwriters charges differ depending on length, complexity, and quantity of research analysis. According to some internal writing companies, such prices vary from $10,000 to $20,000 for a standard book of about 200 to 300 pages. Experience also plays an essential part while deciding the chargers.
Some ghostwriters demand prices in cents per word, which extend from approximately 10 to 50 cents per word. For some clever math, a standard page includes about 300 words. However, if you need a 200-page book at 15 cents per word, it would take about 200 pages 15 cents = $9,000 in total.   more

Do Ghostwriters Get Credit?

The ghostwriters do not get their names on books published by them, optioned or even written work. Neither credit will be commonly recognized that the ghostwriter managed on a project unless the client or writer of the work desires it to be published. However, our Ghostwriting Services does not take credit for most events. This only comes from the sales of your advertised books or additional products.   more

How Do I Hire A Ghostwriter for A Book?

Each client and book is different, which is why we prioritize understanding to acknowledge you and your book to learn how thoroughly to reach your publishing objectives. When you hire our team, you hire a team of experts who will manage collaboratively with you within every perspective of the ghostwriting and writing method. We perform ourselves promptly available because we appreciate supporting customers throughout every level of the procedure.   more

Do Ghostwriters Get Royalties?

There's no assurance the book will sell great, but there is an assurance that we will receive payment for composing your text. It is likely to agree to a contract where it will be apparent that it will be a great seller that you're also taking a portion of the royalties, but usually, you concentrate on the up-front payment. If you are a superior writer who already has an authenticated name and sells actively, then we will be happy to be granted royalties, including the upfront writing charge.   more

Are Your Services 100% Confidential?

Yes, our services are 100% confidential as our team will never utilize any of the knowledge you present us for any additional purpose; neither will we use the work produced for your book again. We provide a perva asive privacy plan, and we are additionally delighted to grant you a non-disclosure contract. We respect our clients' privacy and keep it totally confidential.   more

Where Can I Get A Ghostwriter for Cheap?

You can find cheap ghostwriters by visiting our website, ghostwriting.services. Our charges might be lower than those of additional expert ghostwriters, but their expertise is expected to be limited. Our individual ghostwriting manner and well-versed ghostwriters engage every condition in the most reasonable charges. We will be presenting you with a broad selection of diverse writing and formatting techniques. Wondering about working on your novel? Reach our ghostwriter team to hire and leave the rest to our team.   more

How Can I Write My Own Book About My Life?

Writing a book on your life is quite exciting yet time-consuming and a bit hard. Since there are thousands of events in your life, it becomes a bit difficult to choose some that should be written in a book. However, hiring a ghostwriter would help you a lot. You would then need to provide details and convey events in verbal form. The writer would then pen your story in his words to make them highly valuable for the readers.   more