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Writing a biography but don’t know where to start? We’ll help you create an impactful timeline of events and focus on the profound life experiences of the subject of your biography.

We Create A Biography That Imparts Wisdom

A biography is a chronological account of a person’s life written in a third-person perspective. It creates a timeline of events and addresses the family history, key events, accomplishments, and turning points in a subject’s life that shape their perspective.

If you want to write a biography about a famous person to inform the general public or someone whose life story can impart wisdom to the readers, doing a thorough research and including all the key events effectively is important to do justice to the person and provide the readers with the value they expect.

But if you’re struggling with this, we’re here to help! Our biography writers will create a compelling biography about the subject of your book and refer to authentic sources to include all the important events in the person’s life.

Our Professional Biography Writers Will Add Value To Your Book

Our biography writers come from various fields and backgrounds and help struggling writers or other people create a well-written and thorough account of whoever they want to write about. They are genuinely curious about knowing your subject’s stories and have the skills and expertise to provide you with efficient service, build a reliable relationship, and effectively communicate with you one-on-one.

We refer to primary sources like journals, documents, diaries, recordings, and other information about the subject of your biography that help us complete the story. We also refer to secondary sources such as magazines and documentaries to better understand the person.

Struggling to Write a Biography?

Our Biography Writing Services Will Help You Publish Your Stories

Working with our bestselling biography ghostwriters can open a doorway for you to become a published author. We’ve written biographies about political figures, celebrities, business people, actors, and athletes that have been successfully published and generated high sales. We help you connect with literary agents to get your memoir published by leading publishing platforms.

Have A Look At Our Portfolio Of Biographies

Have a look at the kind of work we’ve done in the past. Please note that these are just samples and not actual excerpts because ghostwriters sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients that don’t give them any rights over the work.

But since we’re at liberty to reveal some of the project details after seeking our clients’ permission without disclosing the names and titles of their books, you can view these samples below.

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Why Should You Hire Us?

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A service you can trust, Ghostwriting provides excellent book writing assistance and consultation. I gave them a rough idea and they completely transformed it. Their team also ensured that my book comes out error free. The overall procedure went so smoothly with ghostwriting.

Ruby Brackett

As English Language publishers, anything we produce has to be flawless when it comes to editing, and Professional Ghostwriters helped us to accomplish that goal. We are thoroughly pleased! Their quality of work is unsurpassable. We rank them first for all of our professional needs.

Gerald Dale

Ghostwriting made my dream of becoming a published author come true. They are top professionals with a lot of creative ideas and took care of everything from finalizing the plot to designing and publishing. They revised the draft times and again to my 100% satisfaction.

Andrew Garfield

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Global Questions

    A memoir is a subjective account of the author’s significant life events that build an emotional connection with the readers and make them reflect on life.

    A biography is an objective account of someone’s life that unravels the events in a chronological pattern. It is more extensive than a memoir and involves a person’s life story from a third-person perspective.

    Lastly, an autobiography involves an extensive coverage of all aspects of the author’s life from a subjective point of view. It is mostly written towards the end of life and covers the events that shape the author’s world.

    Our writing process starts with referring to primary and secondary sources to better understand the subject of your biography. We connect you with an expert ghostwriter who understands your project details well and applies industry knowledge. Once we get acquainted with your vision and the sources available, we start writing the biography.

    The duration of writing and editing is determined by the length of your book, time taken to review journals, diaries, recordings, and documents you provide, and the number of revisions you want. After the book is completed, we format it according to the traditional publishing standards and send you the final manuscript for review. We welcome any changes from your side and incorporate your feedback to provide you with the quality you want.

    The cost of your biography is determined by its length, total word count, the time taken to conduct the interviews, travel expenses, and how urgently you want to receive it. Our standard ghostwriting packages start from $15,000, including 2-3 days of conducting interviews, travel costs, and the basic research needed for your project.

    If you want to know how much your desired memoir writer and editor may charge you, you can fill in the form above and get a free quote.

    No worries. You can send back your book draft and request any changes you want. We offer free revisions to our valuable customers and stay with them until they’re completely satisfied with our service. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to understand your visions better and incorporate your desired changes.

    An unprofessional ghostwriter may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential.

    We follow professional industry standards of writing and publishing and ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.

    No. Biography ghostwriters usually do not get paid royalties. They are contracted on a work-for-hire basis and receive payments from their clients as the work progresses.

    However, they can receive royalties if they’re acknowledged as co-authors of the books or the clients they write for generate high sales from the project. Moreover, if a client is a high-profile figure and wants to get a book published for commercial intent, the ghostwriter may likely receive royalties.

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