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Are you spreading your message across effectively with your blog posts? Our experienced ghostwriters guarantee relevant and authoritative blog content for your website that successfully grows your audience.

We Write Blog Posts For Audience Engagement And Business Growth

To promote your business and persuade visitors to buy your services, it’s crucial to ensure that your content is relevant and reflects your brand voice. It also needs to be authoritative and optimized for search engines to drive the right traffic.

Blog writing serves as a powerful tool for this purpose, and this is where our blog writers can help you. Our experienced content writers come from diverse backgrounds and industries. We focus on marketing and SEO to create content that drives more traffic to your website. We listen to your business goals and deliver you exactly what you want.

Power Digital Marketing And SEO In Every Blog Post

What you’ll receive in each blog written by our experienced writers:

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Our professional blog writing services provide you with affordable and high-quality content that improves conversions. We ensure you receive the best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Global Questions

A blog writer will help incorporate the best marketing strategy to promote your business online. It is essential to have a voice for your business to build your brand awareness and connect with readers so that they can build trust and communication with you.

A blog writer will save much of your time by taking control of all the online marketing needs of your brand while you focus on the quality of products and services delivered to customers.

Yes. If you want to improve the quality of blog content on your website and optimize it for search engines, our professional blog writers will create engaging content for you. Our writers have successfully implemented best SEO practices for various clients and will help you write the best content.

We work collaboratively with our clients and understand what their readers are searching for, implement SEO strategies, and deliver in-depth blogs that rank on Google and other search engines.

Both these terms are used interchangeably a lot of times. But in reality, they're both different. An article is longer than a blog post and contains in-depth information and facts about something in a formal way, whereas a blog post is short and uses short sentences and informal language.

An article aims to provide the readers with information and knowledge about a particular subject or niche by using researched content. On the other hand, a blog post is written to market a business, brand, or person to help them build as an authority and generate leads for them.

Absolutely! Blog writing consists of writing blog posts that are used to promote online marketing for your business or brand. Whether you run a website, Facebook page, Instagram blog, or all of them, it is important to have an online presence and regularly update your posts and services to know what your viewers and customers react to.

Our blog writing services offer small businesses a platform to connect with professional blog writers who will create and maintain daily blog posts for you so that you can take off this load and focus more on improving the quality of your products.

Our article and blog writers commonly charge between $50-$100 for a basic blog post. The cost is determined by the quality, creativity, area of specialization, writer's experience, and SEO expertise. There are three ways that a ghostwriter may choose to charge you:

  • By the word: Some ghostwriters may choose to set their prices according to the rate per word, which starts from a low end of $0.6 and goes up to $3 per word.
  • Hourly: Hourly costs are determined by the number of hours writers take to work on a project. Some businesses prefer to pay the writers at an hourly rate that also involves the time taken to conduct market research and edit the content.
  • By project: Another way of getting paid for the writing services is by setting a flat rate for a written project. This may be a useful approach for starters to provide reliable services and increase rapport for future considerations.

Yes. We keep you updated about what’s going on with your article(s). You will be able to track the progress on our website and request changes if you’re not satisfied with what we’ve written.

Our ghostwriting service is a collaboration between the writers and our clients. We value your priorities, concerns, and instructions related to your project and provide both parties an opportunity to exchange constructive feedback and receive your esteemed response.

Not a problem. You're most welcome to contact us and send back your final draft if you're not satisfied. We offer unlimited revisions for our valued clients to ensure they're heard and dealt with carefully. Make sure you communicate your concerns in a timely manner and tell us what changes you want. Once we know we have acknowledged your needs, we'll send you the revised draft. We stay with you throughout the writing process to ensure your satisfaction.

An unprofessional ghostwriter may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential.

We follow professional editing and publishing standards to ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.

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