How to Plan A Successful Book Launch

Publishing a book you’ve spent months writing is a moment you want to make special. If you want more and more people to read your publication, you need to direct all the attention to your book. Unless you’re a bestselling author, you’ll need to plan a pre-launch strategy to make your work discoverable to your readers.

We understand that a lot of you may feel overwhelmed with the whole planning and book promoting process but it will be easier for you if you get comfortable with the entrepreneurial aspect of book publishing.

And we’re to help you plan a successful book launch strategy and highlight four simple steps to make your book shine. Let’s get started!

Struggling to Launch a Book?

1. Plan a price promotion

Launch a Book

Book promotion is tricky. If you simply wait, people will eventually discover your book. But “eventually” is not soon enough. Price promotion is one way that could attract new readers to your work and give your book a chance to get noticed by more people.

Setting a price promotion means decreasing your book price so that more people can buy your work. This would benefit your whole book launch strategy especially if you’re a new indie author, because it will give perusing readers an opportunity to read an unknown author at a discounted price.

2. Get book reviews

Word of mouth will remain as strong as it ever has been. Perhaps one of the best ways to launch a book is to send advanced reader copies (ARCs) to reviewers and bloggers in exchange for early reviews on your work.

Almost all serious bloggers have big mailing lists of their readers who care deeply about the subjects they cover. Book reviewers will talk about your book to their readers, and your reviews will appear on all the blogs they syndicate their posts to. By involving bloggers in your launch, you broaden your audience considerably.

3. Announce and schedule your launch

If you’re done planning a cool promotion strategy and are ready to publish your book, now is the time to let the world know about it. Because if people don’t hear about your work, how would it get noticed by your audience and generate sales?

To announce a book launch, create eye-catching social media ads that mention main features of how your book appears and any ongoing price promotions to increase anticipation. You can also create a mailing list especially if you’re an aspiring author so that you can reach out to your audience and announce giveaways whenever you want. Following this, you’ll have plenty of eyes to await your book launch that you can schedule with a great venue and setup.

Struggling to Launch a Book?

4. Use ads to promote your book launch

book launch

Along with organic reach as a promotion tool, ads are a great way to reach new readers in great numbers. You can advertise your book on Facebook and Amazon where these platforms will rank your book whenever someone goes on a hunt for a new book. Facebook and Amazon ads can also target specific audiences you want to gather by choosing their demographics and likes.

In short, with these helpful book promotion strategies for your book launch, you’ll hopefully set a good ground for yourself and gather more people to read and sell your work.

Struggling to Launch a Book?

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