Top 5 Short Ghost Stories for Kids

There is never a time when someone doesn’t enjoy a spooky story. Many amazing ghostwriters have written spooky stories that are fun to tell and listen to. It is a great activity to do with a bunch of friends as you hang outside by a toasty bonfire. Telling spooky horror stories is specifically fun when your audience is a group of kids.

Here is a list of books with short ghost stories that you can tell your kids and enjoy scaring them:

1. In a Dark Room and Other Scary Stories:

Alving Schwartz, being one of the greatest horror book writers, created this collection of short ghost stories that you can read to your children. He took classic folklore and scary tales and rewrote them to create this amazing collection. It contains reanimated corpses, skeletons, and ghosts that are definitely going to make you regret walking around at night. Practice some scary noises to scare your kids even more!

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2. The House with a Clock in Its Walls:

Another one of the talented horror fiction writers, John Bellairs, created this amazing horror masterpiece. This book tells the story of a young orphan, Lewis, who moves into his uncle’s old house and learns all about magic. Not the Harry Potter kind of magic. However, Lewis finds out that there is some evil in that house in the form of a ticking clock that was owned by the previous owners. You can even show the movie adaptation to your kids as well.

3. The Graveyard Book

Graveyards can easily scare adults as well as kids so, Neil Gaiman decided to take advantage of that fear by creating the setting of this story on a graveyard. It is about a child named Bod who is raised by ghosts and werewolves. He is faced with a decision about whether to keep facing the supernatural terrors of the graveyard or to find and come in contact with the killer of his family.

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4. Night of the Living Dummy

R. L. Stine needs no introduction when it comes to writing horror fiction. He has written more than 230 horror books for children, yet his first book is still pretty scary. This book tells the story of twins Lindy and Kris who find a ventriloquist dummy in the dumpster. Lindy names it Slappy. However, as soon as they bring the dummy to their house, terrible things start to happen and the twins wonder if Slappy is the one behind all of the terrible things.

5. The Witches:

There will hardly be anyone who hasn’t heard of Roald Dahl or hasn’t read a book written by him. He still managed to scare us with this spooky Halloween book about a boy who was being prepared for his encounters with witches by his grandmother. The boy stumbles upon a convention of witches in England posing as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children but is actually planning an attack to exterminate children.

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