How To Write Your Own Book in 2024

People are like sea glass; they are just as beautiful as the long and hard blows around them. At least that’s how I see it. Whenever I meet a business person who has been involved in life or business and is ready to talk about it, I immediately fall in love. Who doesn’t love a great story where the happy ending is the person sitting in front of you?

Most customers hire you because of you, not just the product or service you sell, but your skill, determination, persistence, creativity, ambition, and drive that is one of you. Show you how to write a book about yourself, better than your experiences and skills.

Here are 8 steps to write your own book:

The first step in writing a book is to develop a plan for how you will do it. Many of these potential authors fail here. They describe their intention to write a book, but never sit down and plan anything to do it.

How often will you write? When will you write? Daily or weekly? How do you set up your day to tie up your writing? What do you do when you’re stuck?

Writing a book is like a business, and every great business starts with a plan.

2. Cover design

I usually work as a core designer before writing a book. Why? The book cover motivates me. It makes the book real. I hang copies of design around my house to keep writing even if I don’t feel like it. Then if I stick to my plan, I have a core design that stares at me.

3. Start Writing.

Once you have a plan, start writing. 

Another great way to write your book is through blogging. If you are a regular blogger, these articles can eventually be compiled into a book-worthy book.

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4. Hire a Ghostwriter

Ask a potential ghostwriter for work samples and be sure you own the rights to the published work. Then work out a plan for sharing your story with the ghostwriter so that he or she can write your book for you.

5. Read Carefully

Once you’ve written your book, read it. As you read this, you will think of additional chapters, stories, or lessons to share. Before you hire the editor, add them.

6. Edit

Hire someone who reads, edits, proofreads, and makes them professional. Editors are not 100% perfect, but in many cases, they will work better than editing a book, far better than you think.

Struggling to Hire a Ghostwriter?

7. Publish

Do a quick web search to find many companies that can help with self-publishing. You might find using Amazon’s CreateSpace cost-effective as you can sell your books on Amazon. 

8. Launch

Plan some drumming around the release of your book. A launch party is an option. Make unique plans for your customers and employees, so they get some incentive to book order. Present a complimentary gig to a large number of ordering organizations. Provide free coaching calls to those who pre-order copies. Give people a reason to order.

9. Contact Ghostwriting Expert

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Struggling to Hire a Ghostwriter?

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