Types of Editing We Offer

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing, also called substantive editing which involves an experienced editor to provide detailed feedback. We shape your narratives, refine your ideas and assist you in fixing significant plots. Our editorial team looks after every element of your story.

Editorial Assessment

Isn’t your manuscript quite ready yet? Our editorial assessment experts offer you a review of your manuscript to gauge what type or level of editing it may benefit from. Editorial assessment is precious.

Structural Editing

The structural edit is the process that comes first after a manuscript is completed. Structural editing is an approach to improve your story structure to keeps the reader engaged. Our team of professional editors addresses story structure alongside plot, characters, and themes.

Copy Editing

The copy-editing process ensures that content is correct in spelling, grammar, jargon, punctuation, terminology, semantics, and formatting. Our copy-editing service will polish the language in your paper and rid it of all grammatical and typographical errors.


Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting. Our professional team of proofreaders has revised documents for 10,000+ clients in 50+ countries.

Beta Reader

An unreleased work of literature or other writing work test reader is called a beta reader. Discover how actual readers within your target demographic feel about your book, title, or book cover. Our full-length manuscript review service provides extensive raw and unbiased feedback from 20+ beta readers within your target demographic.

Line Editing

The editor looks at your book line by line and analyzes each sentence which is called line editing. Our line editing service is best for authors—our line editors and a project management system built to deliver flawless service.

Channels To Promote Your Books & Ebooks

Right Book Promotion & Marketing Strategy

Many channels support you in self-publishing or marketing your book. But according to the new york times to get attention is the primary key. Being the book editing or line editing platform, we take pride in self-publishing and support you to reach the masses. We have a team of professional ebook editors and writers who aid you to fill the gap between readers. Moreover, our editing services and proofreading team ensures to market your book with your name that received massive attraction. If you want the developmental editing or cover launch with the correct target audience's reach, then customer service is glad to serve you.

Let People Recognize You

According to the new york times, if you need to shine among other successful writers, let people recognize you via ebook. However, people use to criticize your first book. We support you by providing our editing service with your name. However, we offer a reasonable per word cost. We offer you copy editing and try our greatest that your content stands well. Our primary strategy is to assist you by providing the best per word cost and copy editing. Our customer and writer service is great in town. Do not wait and contact us for your professional book editing or a great author.

Copyright Protection Services

No need to worry; our writers or author will not steal your manuscript. We offer copyright protection to our valued customers. You are the first owner of your book. We aid you with publishing your book with your name and provide the book after proofreading. Once we are done with your work, we will not claim it ours. In other words, after launch, the book is all yours with all copyright. We make your imaginations into the big picture and help you find an author.

How Book Editing Process Works?

Book Analysis & Review

To determine which editing services are the best fit for you and your publishing goals, you have to submit your manuscript for free review and assessment by our editorial team.

Manuscript Revisions

A professional team of editors will get in touch with you to propose substantive editing for your book.

Edited Manuscript

In 12-15 business days, you will get your edited manuscript from our editorial team. We will determine the ideal publishing platforms and guide you throughout the process.

Ghost Writing Services

Why Edit Your Book With Ghostwriting Services?

This particular question might hit your mind that why people find us or why us. In addition, we encourage you to tell your story and gain profit. We are here to serve you 24 hours. You can spend your time and share your thoughts with our professional authors. Following ate the services that we are glad to help you.

  1. We have a great team of professional and experienced editors and authors.
  2. We are open to fiction and non-fiction stories.
  3. Our author used to do complete research before starting any topic.
  4. Our author provides comprehensive guidance to our valued clients according to their stories.
  5. We promise to deliver your project at the right time without compromise on quality.
  6. We also offer manuscript critique and then focus on overall weaknesses and strengths.
  7. In other words, our authors always put efforts to establish your story as transparent as we can in the first attempt.
  8. We also provide copy editing and proofreading services to satisfy our valued customers.
  9. We also promote young adult writers via our platform.
  10. We offer services on all business days on time.
  11. We also provide a one-line story before starting your book process.

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How Do I Get My Book Edited?

There are two ways to edit your book. You can either go with full time manuscript work or consider executive help. However, we suggest you self-edit first before giving your book to professional authors who edit per word.

How Much Does It Cost To Have An Editor?

It depends on the experience. Some editors will charge $10 to $20 per hour for your professional book. However, it also depends on the services you utilize. In other words, in editing per word, costing also matters for professional book editors. However, it depends on the genre you select. On average, a ghostwriter will charge around $6,000.

How To Reach To The Masses?

With the help of our authors or publishing team, we help you to reach the right target audience. Therefore, we also launch your ebook after the completion of the editor's work and proofreading. In other words, you can get your book and able to reach the masses.

What Does A Book Editor Actually Do?

An editor usually edits your book or enhances your voice via manuscript. A professional editor works and makes your book look as professional as possible. Professional editors suggest best and work to improve your plotting and characters before launch. In other words, no need to worry if you hire a developmental edit service the first time per word.

What Does An Editor Charged Per Word?

This also depends on the word count. According to some companies, the prices varies according to the content. Moreover, the fees range from $10,000 to $20,000 for a classic book. In other words, it also depends on the experience of the writer. Usually, writers charge according to the script. A good average for per word is $.06 per word.

Do Editors Get Credit?

In the publishing industry, editors do not get their names on the book. However, editors will not be credited or recognized. In other words, they only edited manuscripts and manage your content, and when it comes to name or edit, they are not responsible.

Where Can I Get A Writer In Low Price?

You can find a writer or editor with the best copy-editing skills on our website. Our editing service is unlimited, with the most suitable word count. Our editors and writers are well mannered and assets to reach your goal and properly launch your book. In addition, our copy editing and developmental costs are reasonable, with perfect word count accordingly.

Are Your Services Confidential?

Our editing services are 100% confidential and secure. Our author never showcases your date for our benefit. Our editing service privacy plan is a personal contract. However, we keep your data with respect and keep it confidential.

How Can I Write A Book On My Life?

It is an exciting and time-consuming developmental editing process. In other words, several events happened in your life, and it isn't easy to select one and start writing editing copy on that. However, it would be best if you hire editors. Moreover, they help you in developmental editing. You need to provide data for your story in verbal form, and the writer conveys it creatively after developmental editing.

Who Will Edit My Book For Free?

No one will edit your book for free. However, there are many online tools or websites. In addition, the following are some online websites that will help you to edit your book. Pro writing aid:

  1. Grammarly
  2. SmartEdit
  3. Scrivener
  4. Autocrit
  5. Vellum and many more