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Ghost Book Writing Services

Our top-tier ghostwriting service is designed for entrepreneurs, executives, and subject matter experts who wish to publish a polished book in their unique voice and perspective but lack the time or inclination to write it themselves.
Book Writing

Transform your story into a book with our interview-based writing and publishing service. Share your message with the world.

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Realize your vision with our business/personal development book writing service. Let us bring your ideas to life.

Book Writing
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Acclaimed ghostwriting for professionals seeking creative control without the writing. Let us bring your story to life.

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Look no further—our team offers flexible scheduling and specializes in business and personal development genres.

Professional Book Writing Services

Don’t know how to write? Here’s how you can still be an author

Build Your Book

Build Your Book
Introducing Your Publishing Crew

Our publishing manager selects a ghostwriter perfectly suited for your project.

Craft Your Story with Interviews

Your ghostwriter will gather the necessary knowledge over several weeks.

Review and Approve Your Book

Upon completion of the rough draft, you'll have the chance to perform one round of revisions.

Manage Your Cover Design

We'll work with your ideas, feedback, and approval to create a custom cover.

Design Your Interior Layout

Our team will construct a professional layout that matches your desired style and aesthetic.

Design Your Book

Design Your Book

Publish Your Book

Publish Your Book
Publish and Distribute Your Book

Once we've identified your publishing objectives, we'll position your book for launch.

Secure Your Marketing Strategy

Our team will develop a customized marketing plan tailored to your target audience and goals.

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“GWS is the best of both worlds. It was still my voice, it was still me sharing my ideas and expertise, but having guidance to share them more freely and then put them into a structure.”

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the process of writing a book, article, or any other type of content on behalf of someone else who is credited as the author. The ghostwriter remains anonymous, and their name does not appear on the final product. The credited author takes ownership of the work and has the right to publish and distribute it as their own. Ghostwriting is a common practice in the publishing industry, and it allows busy or non-professional writers to share their stories and ideas with the world without having to spend the time and effort to write the content themselves.

Is ghostwriting illegal?
No, ghostwriting is not illegal. In fact, it is a legal and ethical practice that is widely accepted in the publishing industry. As long as both the ghostwriter and the credited author are aware of their roles and responsibilities, and there is a clear agreement in place regarding the ownership and distribution of the final product, ghostwriting is a legitimate service that provides a valuable solution for authors who may not have the time, skill, or resources to write their own content.
How much does your book writing service cost?

Our book writing service costs vary depending on the project’s requirements and scope. We offer customized pricing based on factors such as the length of the content, the complexity of the subject matter, and the expertise of the ghostwriter. Please contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific project needs.

Are your services 100% confidential?
At GWS, we take confidentiality very seriously, and we have strict policies in place to ensure the privacy of our clients. We understand that many authors prefer to keep their ghostwriting projects confidential, and we respect their wishes. All our ghostwriting services come with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure complete confidentiality, and we do not disclose any information about our clients or their projects without their explicit permission. Your privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities.
Do ghosts get credit?
No, ghostwriters do not receive credit for their work in ghostwriting. The primary role of a ghostwriter is to write content on behalf of someone else who takes full credit for it.
Do ghostwriters get royalties?

Whether or not ghostwriters get royalties depends on the agreement made between the ghostwriter and the credited author. In some cases, ghostwriters may be offered a share of royalties as part of their compensation package. However, as a ghostwriting company, we provide ghostwriting services based on a pre-agreed flat fee, and our ghostwriters are compensated accordingly. We respect our clients’ wishes to take full ownership and control of their content, including any royalties that may be generated from its distribution or sale. Our focus is on providing high-quality, customized ghostwriting services to help our clients achieve their goals and bring their ideas to life.

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