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eBook Writing

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We help you go digital and convert your traditional print books into ebooks to increase your reach and promote your brand.

Our eBook writers know how to structure your eBook.

You don’t just need someone who has the writing skills. There is much more to writing an eBook. Our panel of expert writers keeps your specific business goals in mind and helps you with lead generation. We help our customers build authority, create powerful content for their target audience to improve sales and produce well-structured and high-quality ebooks written with proper formatting.

Our writers know how to structure eBook content into short paragraphs, bullet points, infographics, and images that will catch readers’ attention and promote your company’s voice.

Our Expert eBook Ghostwriters Make Your Publication Process Easy

In this widely digital era, an ebook has become a valuable and successful tool in helping several authors and figures grow as an authority in their fields and increase audience reach. Ebooks have also replaced print books for the most part as they can be easily accessed across portable devices, hence allowing more and more people to read the books wherever they are.

If you’re an author, entrepreneur, or industry expert and want to share your valuable knowledge with millions of readers online, having an ebook written and published is a perfect way to connect with the world. Our professional ebook ghostwriter will write a compelling and well-researched ebook to convey your knowledge rightly. Our ebook writers and editors have a proven track record of creating ebooks for successfully published clients.

Struggling to Write an eBook?

How You Can Benefit From Having eBooks Written:

Whether you’re already a published author, a business owner, a startup, or just an amateur who’s familiar with a particular subject, there are several benefits of having your own book and ebook written:

Have A Look At Our Portfolio Of Ghostwritten eBooks

Have a look at the kind of work we’ve done in the past. Please note that these are just samples and not actual excerpts because ghostwriters sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients that don’t give them any rights over the work.

But since we’re at liberty to reveal some of the project details after seeking our clients’ permission without disclosing the names and titles of their books, you can view these samples below.

Our eBook Ghostwriting Services Help Promote Your Stories And Brand Voice

Are you an industry expert who wants to share the enormous knowledge you have about your field, or do you want to generate high-quality content in the form of eBooks to capture leads and draw traffic to your websites? Connect with our eBook writers who have the expertise to help you build eBooks that generate sales.

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Why Should You Hire Us?

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We take strict measures to ensure your privacy and build effective communication.

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Our team is professional, skilled, and reliable and stays with you till you’re satisfied.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Our expert ghostwriters are trusted by several writers and authors globally.


What They Say

A service you can trust, Ghostwriting provides excellent book writing assistance and consultation. I gave them a rough idea and they completely transformed it. Their team also ensured that my book comes out error free. The overall procedure went so smoothly with ghostwriting.

Ruby Brackett

As English Language publishers, anything we produce has to be flawless when it comes to editing, and Professional Ghostwriters helped us to accomplish that goal. We are thoroughly pleased! Their quality of work is unsurpassable. We rank them first for all of our professional needs.

Gerald Dale

Ghostwriting made my dream of becoming a published author come true. They are top professionals with a lot of creative ideas and took care of everything from finalizing the plot to designing and publishing. They revised the draft times and again to my 100% satisfaction.

Andrew Garfield

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Global Questions

    Ebook ghostwriting is a collaborative relationship between clients and professional ghostwriters where ghostwriters are selected to create an effective and well-formatted ebook for various purposes, based on the client's preference.

    Ghostwriters do not get any credit for the work because they usually sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that binds them not to show the books and content they write when they pursue other clients. This can change if the author credits or acknowledges the ghostwriter as a co-author, which transfers some copyrights to the writer.

    No. Ghostwriting is legal all around the world. It is an established writing service that allows authors and writers to get their book written, edited, and formatted especially if they lack the creative skills or don't have enough time to write a whole book. What makes ghostwriting legal is that it's similar to buying a space and then selling it out to generate revenue for yourself. There is no issue in collaborating with someone who has the craft and skills to transform your ideas well into words if you cannot do it yourself.

    Our ebook ghostwriting services usually cost between $5k-$10k for a standard package that includes ebook content development, formatting, and consultation from a published author and professional editors throughout the writing process.

    The cost of your ebook depends on the length, genre, word count, urgency, and the number of consultation sessions you want. To know how much your desired ebook may cost you, you can get a free quote by filling in the form above.

    Our ebook writing process starts with in-depth interviews with our clients to better understand their vision and voice. We connect you with the right ghostwriter who understands your project details well and applies industry knowledge based on the interview. Once both the parties get acquainted, we start the writing process.

    The duration of your ebook's writing and editing process is determined by the content strategy, the type of content you want to include, and the total word count according to the subject. After writing the ebook, we will format it according to the online publishing standards and send you the final draft for review. We welcome any changes from your side and incorporate your feedback to provide you with the quality you want.

    Certainly, our ebook ghostwriting services have helped several clients publish their ebooks online. With thorough knowledge about Amazon KDP formatting guidelines and writing expertise, our writers can create effective and engaging ebooks that provide value to the readers.

    It depends on the type of ebook you want to create for yourself or your brand. Ebooks like guide books, list books, Q&A books, and daily ritual books are short and do not contain more than 10,000 words. For fiction and non-fiction ebooks, the word count ranges between 30,000 to 100,000 depending on the genre and type of novel.

    Yes, we do. Our team is equipped with skilled designers who have an eye for detail. We fill your ebooks with attention-grabbing visuals, attractive illustrations, and infographics that are colour-coded according to your brand or story theme. We also ensure that your book cover is in sync with the message inside and that the layout is easy to navigate for your readers.

    An unprofessional ghostwriter may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential.

    We follow professional industry standards of writing and publishing and ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.

    An unprofessional editor may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential.

    We follow professional writing and publishing standards to ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.

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