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Our editing team consists of highly trained and meticulous editors who are all native English speakers. Having edited 1000+ books, manuscripts, and documents, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of editing to ensure our clients receive a perfectly polished draft. Take a look at the editing services we provide, and we’ll help you decide the kind of editing that’ll be best for your book or document.


Proofreading serves as the final step after editing your book to prepare it for the publication process. It also gives you a second set of eyes to go through all the errors that you miss along the way. Our expert proofreaders create the best quality drafts while maintaining your style and tone. You’ll be able to choose from our team of expert writers to work with based on your genre of book or content type.

We provide proofreading for books, ebooks, content, reports, papers, and documents to make sure there are no micro errors.

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How Proofreading Process Works

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How The Editing Process Works

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Formatting is as important as editing and proofreading, maybe more because it’s the first thing your publishers and readers will notice. Nobody enjoys reading weirdly aligned pages where they can’t even find the chapter and page numbers in a book. To appear more professional and serious in your writing career, you need to get your book formatted according to the guidelines provided by your publishing house. It’s easy because our team of expert formatters is pretty familiar with those guidelines! You can

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