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Manuscript Editing

Manuscript Editing Services

Have you finished your manuscript writing?

We edit your manuscript line-by-line, address language errors, and focus on developmental editing of your book draft to prepare it for the publication process.

We Provide Unmatched Editing Services At Affordable Prices

Manuscript editing involves dealing with plot inconsistencies, structure and language errors, writing styles, and enhancing the overall quality of a book to ensure that the flow is smooth and there are no basic errors. We provide developmental editing, copyediting services, and editorial assessment for authors and writers to help them fasten the publishing process and make them achieve success in their fields. Our native English-speaking book editors have the expertise and skills to polish your manuscripts and ensure the proper book formatting.

Developmental and Structural Editing Is Crucial For A Perfect Book

Do you think your book doesn’t flow smoothly and lacks believable characters and themes? Or it isn’t written in a concise, clear, and engaging language which can potentially put off the readers even before they start enjoying your story? Don’t worry. This is exactly what we can help you with.

Our expert editors are skilled at applying the elements of developmental editing to your manuscript. We carefully edit plot holes, story arcs, writing styles, and inconsistencies to make your story flow smoothly without any flaws. We polish and write your manuscripts to make them engaging and enjoyable for your readers.

Our manuscript editors are professional and skilled

From the moment you hire our manuscript editors till you finally receive your draft, we ensure a satisfactory and fulfilled experience that will gratify you. Teaming up with professional manuscript proofreaders & editors has never been this easy. Our manuscript editors are collaborative, skilled, and experienced to serve clients from all industries.

Whether it’s a book, movie, or music manuscript, you’ll be connected to a skilled editor from our team of professionals and receive the best possible experience.

Struggling to Write a Manuscript?

Manuscript Editing Features

To make sure your books and papers convey the purpose effectively, manuscript editing is done to work on the significant issues in your stories and other manuscripts. Our manuscript editing service features include.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Global Questions

Why is manuscript editing important?

Book editing is an essential part of preparing a final draft. It involves different types of editing according to the extent of changes required to ensure perfection. Developmental editing deals with broad changes related to the theme and story and targets issues like individual sentences, characterization, plot holes, and the overall structure of your book. Then there are other forms of editing such as copyediting, structural editing, and editorial assessment, each of which deals with consistency and flow so that your story becomes well-structured and engaging to be shown to publishers and read by the audience.

What is the rate for editing a manuscript?

The cost of editing depends on the type of editing you want for your drafts, book-length, word count, deadline, and the number of revisions required. A professional editor may cost on a per-word, per hour, or a per-project basis.

For example, editing costs for a 70,000-word would be:


  • Developmental editing: $.08 per word, or $5,600 total
  • Basic copyediting: $.018 per word, or $1,260 total
  • Proofreading: $.0113, or $791 total


The editing costs are also determined by the experience, skills, and services offered by a professional editor and how long the editor has been in the industry.

What is the difference between developmental editing and copyediting?

Developmental editing addresses issues that determine how well the story has been conveyed. It focuses on the elements of storytelling to refine your ideas and make sure they fit right into the narrative of your story. From story arcs to character development, to the overall structure and style of writing, developmental editing focuses on the big picture and prepares a manuscript for further editing.


Copyediting also called line-by-line editing, looks at a manuscript from the perspective of language, grammar, punctuation, and choice of words. It is done to make sure that your draft is free from typos and inconsistencies so that it appears professional, polished, and readable by publishers and agents. Copyediting is done only after the developmental work of a book draft or manuscript has been dealt with.

Can you edit a manuscript?

Absolutely. That’s exactly what we have been doing for our long-term clients who have achieved enormous success with their books. We deal with all the aspects of editing required in your draft and work closely with our customers to exchange feedback and suggestion between them and our editors. We address basic and complex writing errors effectively and polish every element of your manuscript. Our round-the-clock customer support provides an efficient way of communication for our clients to build trust and confidence.

What types of manuscripts qualify for editing?

We provide editing services for the following types of manuscripts:


  • Novels and novellas
  • Short stories
  • Nonfiction books (memoirs, biographies, self-help)
  • Scripts and screenplays
  • Ebooks
  • Chapters and excerpts
How do you select the editors for a manuscript?

Each professional editor has a specific set of skills and experiences that makes them better suited to serve particular clients and projects and there is no editor who is better than the other. Keeping this in mind, here are a few things to consider when finding an editor for your manuscript:


  1. Select editors based on the genres they cover: It’s important to team up with an editor who serves the particular genre you write in. Having an editor experienced in science-fiction working with your romance manuscript probably won’t be a wise idea.
  2. Have a look at their professional experience: Some authors prefer to work with editors who have edited manuscripts for famous authors while others work best with editors who have had a successful experience with first-time authors.
  3. Decide the kind of critique you’re willing to receive: When working with an editor, you may receive blunt and straightforward advice and you can also have a frank response from an editor. It depends on what best suits you.
  4. Ensure communication: You can choose the style of communication according to your preference. You can go for either face-to-face meetings for in-depth discussion and feedback or choose to receive weekly updates for only key points of your manuscript editing.
What if I don't like the final draft?

Not a problem. You’re most welcome to contact us and send back your final draft in case you’re not satisfied. We offer unlimited revisions for our valued clients to ensure they’re heard and dealt with carefully. Make sure you communicate your concerns in a timely fashion and tell us what changes you want. Once we know we have edited and formatted the book according to your needs, we’ll send you the revised draft. We stay with you throughout the editing process to ensure your full satisfaction.

Is your manuscript editing service confidential?

An unprofessional editor may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential.


We follow professional writing and publishing standards to ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.