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Want to bring life to your personal stories or create an impactful memoir that sells? Join hands with our experienced memoir writers and get a memoir written that will be cherished by your readers.

Team Up With Our Bestselling Memoir Ghostwriters And Bring Life To Your Stories

Writing a memoir can help you connect with readers on an emotional level. It can also add enormous value by teaching them various ways to overcome obstacles in their lives. To create a memoir that leaves an impact on readers, it’s important to write it in a narrative style and include the elements of storytelling in your book. Our ghostwriters are skilled at creating memoirs that move your audience and build an emotional connection with them.

We understand it can be tough for you to select a ghostwriter for your memoir because your stories are personal to you. Our writers conduct one-on-one interviews with you and make you feel heard. Having a proven experience of writing and publishing several high-profile memoirs, we ensure your memoir conveys all the important details about your life stories.

We Create A Memoir That Stays Immortal

Everyone has a life story they want to pass across. Stories about your personal achievements, how you overcame obstacles, success in your career, or how you survived a debilitating health condition, whatever aspects of your life you want to give words to. These stages make us learn and instill in us the empathy and happiness we like to see in the world.

We build an effective story arc in your memoir to show your personal growth and portray it in compelling words. Our ghostwriters incorporate storytelling elements, address the conflict, and create a compelling theme for your life story.

Struggling to Write a Memoir?

Our Memoir Writing Services Will Help You Publish Your Personal Stories

Working with our bestselling memoir ghostwriters can open a doorway for you to become a published author. We’ve written memoirs for individuals, celebrities, business people, actors, and athletes that have been successfully published and generated high sales. We help you connect with literary agents to get your memoir published by leading publishing platforms.

Our memoir ghostwriters are curious and genuinely interested in knowing you and listening to your stories. They come from various backgrounds with diverse skills and expertise and collaborate with you efficiently. Whether you want to cover your family history or a personal event in your memoir, we’ll listen to you and stay with you every step of the way. Hire a ghostwriter today with Ghostwriting Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Global Questions

A memoir is a subjective account of the author’s significant life events that build an emotional connection with the readers and make them reflect on life.

A biography is an objective account of someone’s life that unravels the events in a chronological pattern. It is more extensive than a memoir and involves a person’s life story from a third-person perspective.

Lastly, an autobiography involves an extensive coverage of all aspects of the author’s life from a subjective point of view. It is mostly written towards the end of life and covers the events that shape the author’s world.

Our memoir writing process starts with in-depth interviews to better understand your personal stories. We connect you with an expert memoir ghostwriter who understands your project details well and applies industry knowledge based on the interview. Once both the parties get acquainted, we start the writing process.

The duration of memoir writing and editing is determined by the length of your book, time taken to review journals, diaries, recordings, and documents you provide, and the number of revisions you want. After the book is completed, we format it according to the traditional publishing standards and send you the final manuscript for review. We welcome any changes from your side and incorporate your feedback to provide you with the quality you want.

The cost of your memoir is determined by its length, total word count, the time taken to conduct the interviews, travel expenses, and how urgently you want to receive it. Our standard ghostwriting packages start from $15,000, including 2-3 days of conducting interviews, travel costs, and the basic research needed for your project.

If you want to know how much your desired memoir writer and editor may charge you, you can fill in the form above and get a free quote.

It’s natural for people to get nervous or feel reserved about sharing their life stories with a writer they’ve just met, and this is the reason we conduct personal interviews and meetings with them. We make sure that you and your family members feel comfortable sharing personal details with us.

Memoir ghostwriting requires back and forth collaboration between writers and clients. Our memoir ghostwriter welcomes feedback and suggestions from you to ensure that you’re fully satisfied.

No worries. You can send back your book draft and request any changes you want. We offer free revisions to our valuable customers and stay with them until they’re completely satisfied with our service. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to understand your visions better and incorporate your desired changes.

An unprofessional ghostwriter may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential.

We follow professional industry standards of writing and publishing and ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.

No. Memoir ghostwriters usually do not get paid royalties. They are contracted on a work-for-hire basis and receive payments from their clients as the work progresses.

However, they can receive royalties if they’re acknowledged as co-authors of the books or the clients they write for generate high sales from the project. Moreover, if a client is a high-profile figure and wants to get a memoir published for commercial intent, the ghostwriter may likely receive royalties.

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