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Ghostwriting Services was started by a team of three passionate ghosts with an aim to provide a platform for all those who wanted to have their books and content written by industry professionals and not by someone who would actually ‘ghost’ them.

With a knack for writing compellingly and incorporating various writing styles, our team of ghostwriters have successfully made a name for themselves and grabbed prestigious awards for the remarkable services they’ve been providing since 2015.

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Our Prestigious Award

Our award-winning Ghostwriting Services are reliable and professional with over a decade of industry experience.

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Anton Garcia
Anton Garcia

Client Success Manager

Elisa Frag
Alexandria White

Technical Writer

Elizabeth Corn

Senior Editor

Diana Roua
Diana Roua

Project Manager

Why We Are Different

We do call ourselves ghosts but we promise to stay with you until we hit the mark

We give way to aspiring writers and authors by turning their brilliant ideas into words to reflect their true voice! We’re friendly and reliable and take your projects seriously.

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We’re always on the hunt for creative and passionate writers to join our team and polish their skills to become the perfect ghosts.