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Spend less time writing and more time running your business. Hire our business plan writers to help you expand your business and achieve success.

We Develop Personalized Business Plans For You

Business plans are the backbone of successful start-ups. A poorly thought-out business plan could leave you unable to take the necessary steps to expand or improve your business. With an effective business plan, you will be able to attract and retain talented staff, raise equity funding, build long-term confidence in your company, secure government support for vital investments, and obtain financing for expansion projects.

To help achieve all these needs, our ghostwriters will help you create an effective business plan that successfully conveys your growth plans and value to attract potential marketers and investors. It’s important to work hire a professional business plan writer if you don’t have the time to write a good business plan yourself. Our writers create customized business plans for you that could help you gain traction among leading investors.

Our Business Plan Writers Understand Your Business Goals And Strategies

We take time to know you, your business and come up with a strong business plan that reflects your goals. We conduct in-depth market analysis and convey your growth strategy by knowing what your business exactly needs. Our business custom business plans for businesses of all sizes from startups, venture capital, small business, and large corporate companies.

Our writers have the expertise and experience of working with several successful businesses and have created strong and impactful business plans for them. We help you write the following business plans:

Our Business Plan Writing Service Features

Our business plan writers have closely worked with many business owners from small to large and created thousands of successful business plans. Our business plan writing service includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Global Questions

Is it worth writing a business plan?

Many people may be concerned or curious about knowing if it’s worth writing a business plan. They are often concerned about the financial aspect of starting a business and wonder if they need to bring in a professional financial planner or if they can handle it on their own. Writing a business plan establishes guidelines for how your business will operate and what services/products will be offered. Without a plan, it can be difficult and costly to change course or implement changes recommended by an experienced financial planner or investor.


Hiring someone professional to write a strategic and impactful business plan will take off your load and offer you a clearly written plan that you can send to potential investors and marketers to help expand your business.

How much does it cost to hire a business plan writer?

The cost of hiring a business plan writer depends on the complexity of your business. It also depends on how much time you expect the writer to put into writing the plan. For instance, if your business has just started up and you don’t have much money to spare, hiring a simple but legal business plan writer could save you a lot of time in the long run. If, however, your business has been in operation for several years and has grown substantially, then hiring a professional business plan writer could cost you a lot more money. Freelance writers can start at around $30 per hour but can go as high as $100 per hour and even more for top-tier firms.

How long does the writing process take?

It takes up to 10 days to write a draft for a business plan. It can take longer based on the writer’s availability and shorter if there’s a strict deadline on the client’s end. The time taken on each project may vary depending on the type of business plan, length, planning, strategy, and research required. It may take a writer a few days to weeks to effectively deliver the draft. The number of revisions from the client’s side also determines the duration to complete the project.

Do I get work updates?

Yes. We keep you updated about what’s going on with your project. You will be able to track the progress on our website and request changes if you’re not satisfied with what we’ve written.


Our ghostwriting service is a collaboration between the writers and our clients. We value your priorities, concerns, and instructions related to your project and provide both parties with an opportunity to exchange constructive feedback and receive your esteemed response.

What if I'm not satisfied with the final draft?

Not a problem. You’re most welcome to contact us and send back your final draft if you’re not satisfied. We offer unlimited revisions for our valued clients to ensure they’re heard and dealt with carefully. Make sure you communicate your concerns in a timely manner and tell us what changes you want. Once we know we have acknowledged your needs, we’ll send you the revised draft. We stay with you throughout the writing process to ensure your satisfaction.

Is your ghostwriting service confidential?

An unprofessional ghostwriter may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential.


We follow professional editing and publishing standards to ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.